Monthly Archives: January 2012

Goodbye and Hello…


Looking back on 2011 with all its glory a few distinct moments stand out for me.

1. Buying a house, correction, buying a house that needed a TON of work and charging full speed ahead on things I never thought I would ever have to know how to do.

2. Winning not one but TWO small business start up grants, and working my way towards starting Bering Tea Co.

3. Getting my first ever 4.0 semester! Graduate classes at UAF have proven themselves to be fun and challenging.

4. Re-establishing waffle parties and meeting all sorts of wonderful people I never knew existed.

5. Discovering that Nome, AK is a place where anyone with a wild imagination and a little bit of elbow grease can make their wildest dreams come true.

Thank you 2011 for a wonderful time and a wild ride, we certainly appreciated everything you brought to us.

Dear 2012… You seem bring a lot of hype with you this year. ¬†Friends are all ready preparing for the end of the world and there are big things in store for you. This year I am going to try to focus on enjoying the moments you bring me. The happy moments, the exciting moments, the dusty frustrating moments, the learning experiences, and the ever popular ‘what the heck am i getting myself in to’ moments. I will appreciate them all because 2012 is going to be Erin Margaret’s ‘Year of the Mindful Risks”. 2011 had a few small calculated risks… 2012 will have more, and they will be bigger.

My mindset for this year is: With standard morals and common courtesies there is absolutely no poor decision on this earth that can’t be recovered from with time and a little creativity.

best wishes, best of luck, and all the positive energy in the universe directed towards you 2012, I can’t wait to see what you bring.