Queen of my own planet…(or small business)


I have had many jobs over the past few years and many bosses, some good, some very not good, and a few that actually did their job! Bosses are important people, in theory they guide an organization, and a company towards success, by making sure everyone is working towards the same goal like one big happy family. In reality there are meetings, and advisory boards, and paperwork etc. etc. etc. that get in the way… I would like to here by issue a decree.

When I am queen person of the small business Bering Tea Co. The following things will not take place on or near the premisses EVER…

1. Meetings – meetings only work in theory. In reality they take up peoples time so that they may not do other important tasks. Meetings are often scheduled when people are looking for a way to talk about what needs to be done but not actually do it…. there will not be meetings at Bering Tea, ever.
2. Advisory boards – wait, wait, I have a brilliant idea. Lets gather up a group of people who do not work for this company, don’t regularly use its services or know the employees of this company, and have no industry experience. We will then hold ‘meetings’ regularly and ask them the how to run our company more efficiently… YES! (really? who ever agreed to such thing, madness!)
3. BS Paperwork – do I need to clarify this any further? it gets lost and it kills trees, enough said.
4. Calendars more than 2 months in advance – the truth is, I don’t know what I am doing next weekend much less a year from now, and when you ask me to schedule a meeting (here we go again with the meetings) for 6 months from now for an event that is not going to happen for another year I have issues. Especially because I know darn well its going to be rescheduled. I am going to take a rather buddhist approach here and say that I am going to do today’s work today. If planning needs to be done lets do it now.
5. ‘Chain of Command’ – just the phrase it self screams useless this is another one of those brilliant ideas gone wrong. Lets let up a system where only certain people are allowed to talk to other certain people, the very top chicken (who probably is never on the floor or working with the customers) will have complete authority over what is going on with those customers and there will be no way for lower chickens on the chain to talk to the top chicken about it… again… Brilliant!

All those being said there will be many positive things going on at Bering Tea, (tea, coffee, and health baked goods being number one priority) knitting, and singing and impromptu poetry from the stage. There will be plenty of music playing and experimental cookie recipes. Laughter and dancing and wearing funny hats will hopefully happen on a daily basis.
Anyone who would like to join me in being queen (or king) of their own planet is more than welcome to join me at 310 Bering St. any time. The shop will hopefully be opening in January and I can wait to see you there!


About globalmargaret

I am a Mid-Western college graduate who signed a contract on a whim last April. The contract took me to Nome, Alaska where I presently live and work. I love nature, hiking, good food, music, ukulele, knitting, sewing, anything creative, and just being still

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