signing my life away…


Yesterday at exactly 5:07 pm I signed over my life and $1000.00 to our realtor. I put in an offer  on 310 Bering St. It is a 2 bedroom house with a 1 bedroom ‘auxiliary living unit’ above. It isn’t a beauty by any means, it has a hefty little pile of repairs to be done  before I can even move in. I completely expect this to be one giant mess of a headache clear through until  August.

Among some of the oddities of this house there are several things that  completely astound me.

1. the ceilings in the upstairs apartment are no more than 6 feet tall. When looking a tenant to rent I may need to advertise as “Apartment for short people” To be completely honest I have walked through the house with several people and have never noticed that the ceilings were so short until my slightly tall-ish home inspector commented. Apparently a 6 foot ceiling is blatantly not to code, but the fall under something called “Functional Obsolesance” which means it works and there is not a heck of a lot we can do about it, so it will pass for now.

2. When the previous tenants left they left the nearly new refrigerator, perfectly functioning stove, and a fair deal of furniture. However, they took the heater… hmm… priorities?

3. The back door does not have a lock. I understand that in a small community many people don’t lock their doors on a regular basis, but to have locking your door not even be an option is a little extreme I feel.

So from this point forward the dance begins. The offers, the counter offers, the who pays what, the escrow accounts, the trust funds, the contractor – fired contractor – new contractor – give up and do it my self game begins.

If you want to see the mess I am getting my self in to, Click here!


About globalmargaret

I am a Mid-Western college graduate who signed a contract on a whim last April. The contract took me to Nome, Alaska where I presently live and work. I love nature, hiking, good food, music, ukulele, knitting, sewing, anything creative, and just being still

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