Monthly Archives: October 2010

Playing Catch Up…


It is Thursday night, the one night a week I have no moral obligations, classes (to teach or take), and I don’t even have to work. So instead I would like to take a moment to catch you up on all the happenings in Nome via a nicely numbered list.

  1. My new job is absolutely amazing
  2. I am once again a full-time student (through University of Alaska – Fairbanks this time)
  3. The yurt is still stuck in Homer
  4. I am house sitting rent free until JUNE!
  5. I have applied for a loan on a house / business (feel free to be nervous with me if you like)

and now a post about a combination of number 1 & 2…

#1 I work at the hospital in HR, my official title is the “Education Coordinator” which means I give out scholarships, fix giant holes in training systems etc. its pretty awesome. #2, I am taking an EMT class, amongst others, learning neat things like how to work a hydraulic stretcher! Today at the hospital we had a “Community Medical Emergency” drill. Any situation that includes more that two people in considered a community emergency for Norton Sound Regional Hospital because there are only two beds in the ER. Because this can happen so easily we stage little play emergencies so people will know what to do. Today there were two play emergencies. A medivac situation involving 6 cases of botulism (common with native foods) and an explosion at the ambulance garage involving 19 students. I was assigned the task of taking patients from the ambulance and escorting them to triage. This would have been all fine and well, but as Murphy’s Law could have predicted during the two ‘play’ emergencies we had real medivacs to deal with. Apparently the good people of Nome did not get the memo to not be ill while we were having fun. It made for a rather strange twist of events when the triage nurses now have to distinguish between the ‘real’ patients and the ‘fake’ ones. Apparently ‘real’ don’t like it when they are asked if their injury is fake…

We have a lot of fun up here in the frozen tundra, even if it is state mandated fun hopefully for the next drill I will be on the other side of those ambulances as a registered EMT. I will be sure to keep you updated.