yet again… version: yurt


I have a habit, not a horrible nasty habit like chew or liqueur, but a habit  considered equally as dangerous by some. My habit is letting the powers that be decide most all of my major life decisions. The whole process has led me on a pretty interesting path so far. I graduated high school early because my guidance counselor assumed that I was and I didn’t want to correct her.  I chose my college because it was the first acceptance letter I got back, I chose my major because I could spell the advisors last name easily. I went to Israel because I had nothing better to do at the time and  I moved to Nome, Alaska because they handed me a contract, (in all honesty I had to google where Nome was when I went home, that I do feel bad for)

I have done it again… I bought a yurt…

After looking for a way to better spend the $13,000 I spent on rent this year (yes that number was read correctly $13,000) I had two options:

1. purchase a finished cabin out of town get a snow machine and commute from hastings creek and pay land fees. Total Cost $15,200 total + $550/year

2. Buy a 20′ Yurt, platform, fuel heater, furniture, skis to pack in, and place it on a friends land (funny land story soon to come) Total Cost $16,000 total + fuel oil

Last week I bought a yurt. It is being made by and should be coming air freight at the end of July (while I’m in Rwanda) just in time for me to start my new job at the hospital August second. Which I think I forgot to tell you about… It is going to be a hectic few months, but I can’t wait!


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