Potential hospital job awaits…


Because I have been thinking about applying for the nursing program through UAF, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to get at least a small amount of medical work experience under my belt. The two jobs I feel most qualified for have already been filled, but after introducing my self to the manager of the lab, I was encouraged to apply for a part-time position, which can move up to full-time after the summer. Right now this sounds perfect because I would still be able to apply for a full-time job. Work my current job until my contract is up (end of June), and it will hopefully be a good way to get my foot in the door for when I am ready to take a nursing position. The job isn’t guaranteed, but it sure would be convenient if the planets would align and help me out a bit…


About globalmargaret

I am a Mid-Western college graduate who signed a contract on a whim last April. The contract took me to Nome, Alaska where I presently live and work. I love nature, hiking, good food, music, ukulele, knitting, sewing, anything creative, and just being still

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