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Electrical Squirrels


There was an electrical outage in Fairbanks last week, which took down email service for the entire UAF system. Frustrating, because I was trying to get a hold of someone on campus, but ultimately not the point.  We handle power outages quite regularly, the remarkable part of this story is this power outage was caused by a squirrel. A furry woodland creature jumping from lines caused the electric to fault for one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the state. This is nothing short of remarkable if you ask me.

Solutions to this problem: The utility company told NPR this morning they have guards who can scare the squirrels away if they attempt to jump on the lines.

Where do I apply for that job? I would pay good money to read a job description focusing around “scare the squirrels away from power lines”.

My version would look a lot like this:

Job Opening: Wildlife Control Officer

Requirements: Associates degree or higher required. Two or more years experience working in animal control or wild game management setting preferred.  Prospective employees must show proficiency with slingshot, air soft rifle, or long distance rubber band shooting.

Job Duties: Design and implement wildlife control plan for Fairbanks electrical plant. Locate and extricate wildlife from electrical plant facilities. Secure perimeter breaches using fencing, netting, electrical fencing, and barbed wire.

Pay: Peanuts (DOE)


option two…


Still no word back from the hospital, but I have another option. I have a friend who works at the community children’s home, and he is leaving for a job with lower pay but better insurance. Ironic, because if I get his job I will be entering the same situation. I have an pre-interview tomorrow morning. Just to see the facilities, meet the children etc. After reading the job description, talking to my friends who work there, and talking to the director about the job responsibilities it looks like I would be a great fit at this facility. The Schedule would permit me to take classes at night still and every qualification I have is what they need. Hopefully posting this won’t jinx it, but I really hope I get this job.

Potential hospital job awaits…


Because I have been thinking about applying for the nursing program through UAF, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to get at least a small amount of medical work experience under my belt. The two jobs I feel most qualified for have already been filled, but after introducing my self to the manager of the lab, I was encouraged to apply for a part-time position, which can move up to full-time after the summer. Right now this sounds perfect because I would still be able to apply for a full-time job. Work my current job until my contract is up (end of June), and it will hopefully be a good way to get my foot in the door for when I am ready to take a nursing position. The job isn’t guaranteed, but it sure would be convenient if the planets would align and help me out a bit…

I am not racist…


Please understand that I am not racist. That being said, the jury is still out as if I agree with the following comment I found on an employment application….

(company name) shall to the extent feasible give preference in employment for all work performed under applicable contracts to qualified Alaska Natives/American Indians regardless of age, religion or sex; and further extend employment and training opportunities to Alaska Natives/American Indians, regardless of age, religion or sex that are not fully qualified.

That passage is directly copy/pasted from an employment application for a local non-profit organization. I completely believe in affirmative action. If two people have the same credentials and work history, there is no reason why one should be hired just because he is white. It is the last sentence here that I don’t quite understand. “that are not fully qualified” This tells me that if I apply for this job and meet the education and work experience requirements I can  out to someone who does not meet the requirements but happens to be of the race they are looking for. Isn’t this why affirmative action was created in the first place? So that one race would not have unfair advantage over the other simply because of skin color? Maybe I am reading this wrong, but something isn’t’ right here…

Confidence strikes again…


Perhaps I am over confident. The word naive comes to mind. Idiot wouldn’t be a bad choice either according to certain members of my family… Last week was the final week to sign my contract for another year of teaching (or not teaching) at my lovely little technical school in the tundra. I didn’t sign. I don’t have another job lined up; I haven’t even applied to any. But I have a few I would like to apply for and I think that should count for something.

There is a terrible job shortage (or so I am told) that didn’t seem to prevent me from getting a job on my first interview, before finishing my degree, without filling out the application, or knowing what I was interviewing for. Now that my degree is finished, I have a year of “real” work experience under my belt, and I know what I don’t want to be doing, I think I have a pretty good shot of finding a job I won’t hate going to every morning. Regardless, for the next however long it takes to find a job I am going to document everything.

The news has been telling me that it is impossible for new graduates to enter the work force.  They have been telling me that people who are on unemployment have been applying for jobs consistently, and that those jobs often have over 300 applicants for one spot. I don’t believe it. Any of it. But I guess I will find out.